indigo 7800 cavanaugh press

Indigo Digital Offset


The standard by which all others are measured is the HP Indigo lineup of presses.  Unique to Cavanaugh is the Indigo 10,000 (7) Color Full Variable Data and Image press.  Complete with its dedicated HP SmartStream Server, the HP 10,000 can print sheet sizes up to a whopping 29.5 inches!  Each sheet can be a totally different image, name, address, and much more.  This powerful solution harnesses all that Variable Data Printing has to offer, and at the highest quality level available!

Driving the Variable Data Workflow is a team of talented professionals who understand the programming needs and tools required to achieve the results you are after.  It is solving a problem that is our ultimate goal.  Whether that be increasing response rates, personalizing a mailing, or any other one-to-one solution, we have the expertise to guide you through the process.

In addition to the Indigo 10000 is our Indigo 7900 19" Solution.  Packed with the ability to print opaque white, clear, spot pantone colors, print on clear substrates, synthetics, thick stocks, and much more, the Indigo 7900 lets your design toolkit free!  The quality of the Indigo 7900 is equaled only by the Indigo 10000, and controlled by a sister HP SmartStream dedicated server.  All aspects of mail merge, and Variable Data Printing are also available on the Indigo 7900 as with all of our digital offerings.

The Indigo workflow is something you truly have to see to believe, and our INDIGO 10,000 is the only one in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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